We have 45 entries this year.  Up 4 from last year.

Payouts based on $3080 bank (note: webmaster has a comp-ed entry).

Two pacesetters (Jan 20 and Feb 17) – first place only - $35 each

At March bracket announcement:

Weighted points – three places -- $90, 60 and 30

Number of teams in Sweet Sixteen – first only - $40

When tourney over:

Number of teams in Sweet Sixteen – three places -- $120, 80, and 50

Weighted points Original Dec picks – ten places – $290,200,140,120,100,70,70,70,70,70

Four division winners - $35 each

Unweighted points – three places – 120. 80. 50

Most teams in Final Four – first place only - $100

Most confidence in Eventual Champion – first place only - $100

Regroup Weighted points – four places – 130. 110. 90. 70

Sleepers – three places – 140. 100. 70

Note: if someone totally nails it, they can win over $1000 across all of these payouts.

The consensus Sweet Sixteen, based on these 45 entries, is as follows:

Number in () is how many times picked as champion –

Gonzaga (18), Kansas (9), Louisville (7), Duke (5), Ohio St (2), Maryland (2), Oregon (1) and Dayton (1).  That’s 8 teams getting top pick –and of those 8, only Duke, Gonzaga and Duke got Champ votes last year.  Of those 8 teams, only Dayton did not get a runner-up pick – and Michigan State got 1 vote for second . Most popular runnerups are Duke (14), Kansas (10) and Louisville (9). 

Kentucky, Auburn, Michigan State and Baylor make up the third foursome.  Butler, Virginia, Arizona, and San Diego round out the Consensus Sweet 16.  Only four other teams got 10+ picks – Memphis, Michigan, Villanova, and Liberty.  21 teams were picked ONLY as a zero.  Of those 21, only four teams – Seton Hall, Tennessee, Oklahoma St, and Marquette got more than 1 mention.

The consensus top eight sleepers, in order, are Penn St, Indiana, Texas Tech, Stanford, DePaul, Texas, LSU, and Oklahoma.  Penn St was top sleeper 17 times, almost triple the next favorite choice Stanford.

9 Finals Four are Gonzaga, Kansas, Louisville and Duke.  Another 21 Final Fours have 3 of those 4 teams.

The five weighted points divisions are:

Division 1: Gonzaga as champion and Duke runnerup

Division 2: Gonzaga as champion and NOT Duke as runnerup

Division 3: Kansas as champion

Division 4: Louisville as champion

Division 5: The rest as champion – Duke, Ohio State, Maryland, Oregon and Dayton

Note: one of the four division winners above will also be the big weighted points winner of $290.  Some of the other four division winners will probably be toast and the $35 is a pity payout.