We have 42 entries this year.  Lost seven players from last year.

Several of them said they will get back in next year.  

Two pacesetters (Jan 15 and Feb 12) – first place only - $30 each

At March bracket announcement:
Weighted points – three places -- $90, 60 and 30
Number of teams in Sweet Sixteen – first only - $40  

When tourney over:
Number of teams in Sweet Sixteen – three places -- $120, 80, and 50
Weighted points Original Dec picks – ten places – $
Three division winners - $40 each
Unweighted points – three places – 120. 80. 50
Most teams in Final Four – first place only - $100
Most confidence in Eventual Champion – first place only - $100
Regroup Weighted points – four places – 120. 100. 80. 60
Sleepers – three places – 140. 100. 70
Note: if someone totally nails it, they can win over $1000 across all of these payouts.

The consensus Sweet Sixteen, based on these 42 entries, is as follows:
Number in () is how many times picked as champion – yep, 3 teams got all but one first place vote Villanova (16), Michigan St (13) Duke (12), Kentucky (1)
Arizona St, North Carolina, Gonzaga, Xavier – these four teams got the rest of the runner up votes
Texas A&M, Kansas, Wichita St, West Virginia
Purdue, Arizona, Virginia, Miami
The only other two teams getting any significant selection (>10 times) were TCU and Cincinnati.

The consensus top eight sleepers, in order, are Oklahoma, Florida St, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Texas, Maryland, and Oregon/Alabama (tie).

The matrix of Teams by Players, with the numeric pick in each cell, is the gospel for scoring.  Double check your picks.

The three weighted points divisions are:
Division 1: Villanova as champion
Division 2: Michigan State as champion
Division 3: Duke as champion along with the one Kentucky entry (after all, Duke contains “uk”).
Note: one of the three division winners above will also be the big weighted points winner of $260.  The other three division winners will probably be toast and the $40 is a pity payout.