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Ellison-Walnut Grove Church, Media Township (formerly Walnut Grove Precinct) 9N4W

After a history of both the Associate and the Associate Reformed Presbyterians sharing one building, the two congregations in 1858 became one under the auspices of the United Presbyterian Church of North America. A new building and parsonage were built in the middle of Section 8. The congregation, coming by horse and wagon or buggy, came from a wide area. Stronghurst did not exist and Olena did not have a Presbyterian Church at this time. Here is a list of the Ellison Congregation beginning in 1852. (Click for details)

Hopefully, it will help family historians place their ancestors in Henderson County at this time period.

Huss Cemetery

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Long abandoned and neglected, this little cemetery in the middle of a farmer’s field is being refurbished by Mr. David Hill of Biggsville, who personally has spent hours finding stones, repairing and erecting them again. Obviously, started as a family plot, the Huss Cemetery was finally deeded off as a “burying ground” on Oct.8, 1861. The cemetery measures 12 x 6 rods, totaling 76 square rods or not quite half an acre.

World War II Veterans

Honoring the World War II veterans from the
Henderson County area on the its 50th Anniversary year.
If names are missing, please let us know.

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A Trip Across the Plains in 1854

(Click to read Mr. Richey's story taken from his diary)

The lure of Golden California enticed many Midwesterners to face danger and hardship for a chance at the riches that awaited them. By 1854 acquaintances had returned home with money from the mines and told of the golden opportunity in the far West. Mr. Richey=s diary tells of a journey like so many others and one we can trace on a present day map.

Of interest to many will be the traveling companions mentioned in his tale. Did Richey find riches? I don=t know, but obviously he liked the climate and stayed. Perhaps, his descendants can add to his story. If so e-mail me at